Early Spring at Bald Hill Reserve

Spring is certainly underway with a mat of early wildflowers covering the ground. You will find Early Nancy’s, Yellow Stars, Buttercups, Purple Hoveas, both the scented and tall sundews, orchids such as the Tall Greenhood (Pterostylis malagramma,) the Nodding Greenhood (Pterostylis nutans,) the Small Greenhood (Pterostylis nana) and the very illusive Helmet orchid (Corybas incurvus).  

There are the leaves of a number of other orchids appearing now as the weather warms up.  It is looking like an abundance of flowers will be seen later in October and early November.

The Acacias are also flowering (Silver and Black Wattles, and the Blackwood’s), while a sea of white daisies can be seen in the wet areas after the rains.  This only happens in wetter years.